Master of Science in Real Estate

The MSRE program is designed to facilitate lifelong learning and prepare students for multiple careers paths and opportunities. The program deepens the understanding of core concepts and helps develop key skill sets. Real estate sits at the center of the built environment. Therefore, real estate professionals need to interact with a spectrum of other professionals including architects, construction managers, urban planners and investors.

a. Theoretical and Conceptual Context

The program has at its core a focus on academic rigor. Students will leave the program understanding, from a theoretical and conceptual perspective, the core issues in real estate today. Combing business and technical/software skills with real estate core concepts will provide students the strong foundation for their future careers.

b. Commercial Awareness

In both the classroom, and through interaction with the industry, students will develop a heightened awareness and appreciation of how the technical and conceptual skills developed are of relevance and can be applied in a workplace environment. This also includes an appreciation of the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of real estate and its role economically and in society.

c. Enhanced Skill Sets

The program will enhance a participants’ skills in both technical and inter-personal areas. However, the program also focuses upon areas such as critical thinking and personal effectiveness skills. This is particularly evident in such courses as those in leadership and negotiation.

Students benefit from theoretical and applied approaches to a variety of real estate issues. In addition to our core faculty students are also taught by world leading academics from across the College of Built Environments and the broader University. The UW faculty is augmented by an extensive array of affiliate instructors who are industry leaders in various real estate related areas. The program enjoys a close relationship with the real estate industry. The aim of the program is to prepare graduates to become future leaders in real estate by fostering innovative and interdisciplinary critical thinking.

  MSRE - Regular Standing MSRE - Advanced Standing
– At A Glance
– Detail
Overview Wheel
Overview Wheel
– Full-time
– Part-time
2 years (6 quarters)
Advisor/student coordination
1 year (3 quarters)
2 years (6 quarters)
Total Credits 70 41
Application Deadline
-   International
-   Domestic
February 1st
March 14th
February 1st
March 14th
(late applications will be considered, however, scholarships or placement cannot be guaranteed)
Admission Qualifications* Non-quantitative bachelor’s degree Quantitative bachelor’s degree
(e.g. arts, humanities etc.) (e.g. business, real estate, engineering/construction etc.)
Tuition (total full-time) (total full-time)
– Resident
– Non-resident
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* All transcripts will be reviewed for inclusion of quantitative courses [e.g. statistics, accounting/financial reporting, management, and visualization techniques(e.g. econometrics, programing, coding etc.)]

University of WA Seattle Campus Real Estate Course Catalog

The MSRE is designated as a STEM degree. This designation makes international graduates eligible for up to 3 years post-graduation U.S. work eligibility. For more info click here.